Sears fail, week two

After last week’s Sears delivery fiasco, I expected UPS to send my garage door opener back to Sears following three failed delivery attempts, and that’s exactly what they did.  Given that my package was en-route to somewhere in Illinois, I worked up the ambition to call Sears again to try to figure out my next steps.

Sears Tower in Chicago Illinois

Sears Tower in Chicago Illinois (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I called them up, and wound up speaking to a chap named Mark.  I’m sure that’s his real name.

As you might imagine, one of the more singularly frustrating parts of this entire endeavor is that I get to explain the entire story to each Sears customer service agent I speak with, each and every time I call them.  “Customer Service”, evidently, doesn’t include taking any damned notes to keep track of what customers are calling about.  After walking “Mark” through the entire UPS-fail story, I concluded by asking him, “So, where do you suppose my garage door opener is right now, Mark?”

Mark actually surprised me at this point, because he got it right — “It’s on its way back to Sears,” he said.  “Excellent, Mark,” I said.  “How might we attempt to fix things at this point?”

“Well, I can have UPS send it back out again.”

Mark’s clearly a glass-half-full guy, because he was pretty sure that some divine power was going to intervene in order to make that delivery successful where the prior three attempts failed.  “I don’t think so, Mark.  How about you send it to a store, and I’ll pick it up there?”

And here’s where it got kind of weird.  “I’m sorry — once the package has been shipped UPS, the only thing we can do with it is ship it UPS again.  I can’t send it to a store.”

“Really, Mark?”


“Ok, Mark,” I said.  “Can you go find me a supervisor?”

While I was waiting on the line for Mark to find me a supervisor, it occurred to me that if I could find a store with this damned thing in stock and know that I could get it for the same price, I’d probably be better off just going there and picking it up in person — *if* I knew that my first order was properly terminated and refunded.

“Hi,” said Mark.  “I’ve got a supervisor on the line.  I’m going to go ahead and transfer you.”

(hold music)


Yup — really.  Mark hung up on me.

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