Does this seem odd?


There seems to be some lack of clarity with respect to what’s going on in Crimea.  Russian troops have taken over military bases there, or maybe not, depending on which press release you read.  So here we sit, playing “we said, they said”, as if there was any hope of resolving anything that way.

It occurs to me, though, that the US is supposedly in possession of a whole flock of it drones that might be able to help.  If these drones were carrying video cameras instead of missiles, wouldn’t we have all sorts of convincing footage we could send to CNN, etc.?  I bet someone could even scare up a projector at the UN headquarters.  I remember something along these lines occurring back when there was a little conflagration down in Cuba, and the visual aids really seemed to cut through the BS pretty handily.

Seems like it might be worth a shot.


Good news

Clearly, Congress has solved all our real problems, as evidenced by this completely toothless farce of a vote today:

You know, I think in hindsight, we were better off with Congress trying to fix baseball.